Protection against sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA)

The NGO Forum committed in 2019 to tracking, numbers, trends and practices around the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) in South Sudan. PSEA is one of the key considerations that are now required and demanded by all UN Agencies and donors and it has become a prerequisite for receiving donor funds.

The South Sudan NGO Forum has worked in close collaboration with Action Against Hunger to make available the suite of tools. Support from InterAction is appreciated for availing the resources in achieving the intended purpose in support to the wider humanitarian community

The National NGO office additionally helps in ensuring that appropriate, productive and complementary links are created between the NGO Forum and other civil society for a/coalitions/networks within South Sudan and in other countries for the purpose of encouraging collaboration, learning and enhancing joint advocacy efforts.

Available for download are a series of guides that ensure all organizational and human resource systems and processes dutifully address the agency’s commitment to the Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) in line with Safeguarding Policy, Child safeguarding Policy, PSEA Policy and Code of Conduct.

The objectives of this guide include:

  • To ensure the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse is consistently and systematically addressed across Human Resource and Organizational processes
  • To strengthen the Safeguarding systems in place for Staff, Associated Personnel and contractors
  • To create a conducive working environment free from sexual exploitation and abuse where all staff are aware of and take responsibility for their obligations in regards to upholding the Safeguarding Policy, Child safeguarding Policy, PSEA Policy and Code of Conduct and commitments as humanitarian professionals