Collect and disseminate relevant information on decisions and changes that affect operations of members in South Sudan.


  • Collect, store and disseminate relevant information pertaining to humanitarian action, recovery and development activities and policies.
  • Collect, store and disseminate relevant government publications, announcements, and circulars following up with the appropriate line ministries to ensure that they are understandable to the NGO audience.
  • Collect, store and disseminate calls for proposals from donors.
  • Disseminate job vacancies from donors, UN Agencies, and NGOs to stakeholders.
  • Attend and disseminate minutes/notes of meetings in which the NGO Forum is invited to participate (i.e. pooled funding oversight committees, UN HCTs, donor fora, UN Security Management Team etc.).
  • Publish weekly update to the Country Director’s Group.
  • Disseminate information on public / special events.
  • Maintain and disseminate a contact directory of different stakeholders for NGOs where appropriate.
  • Prepare and publish briefings on issues of common interest to the NGO Forum as defined by the Steering Committee.
  • Support NNGOs in diagnosing institutional gaps and strengths as well as generate quantitative information to inform NNGO capacity status discussions.
  • Support, publicise and/or organize training opportunities for members and/or stakeholders.