The South Sudan NGO Forum is honoured to launch the National NGO Capacity Assessment tool and welcome all National NGO members to participate in the capacity assessment exercise Visit NNGO Capacity tool


All National NGO members of the NGO Forum who have completed their membership application or renewal for 2018.


To identify the various strengths and weaknesses in the composition and functionality of National NGO's in South Sudan

To assist in identification of a baseline capacity level in an NGO and development of a detailed action plan to guide capacity development and technical assistance to strengthen systems and procedures in the organization.


1.It would help the NNGO identify the root causes of issues that affect the effective performance of the organisation, which would help the NNGO take charge of their own capacity building initiatives.

2. Each participating NNGO would be automatically listed in the NNGO mentorship platform where NNGOs with weaknesses in certain areas can be paired with another NNGO that is strong in that particular area so they can learn from each other in a mentorship mechanism. Each mentor organisation will have their NGO Forum membership upgraded to demonstrate their competence and sharing spirit.

3. Donor and partner organisations' perception of NNGOs who have participated in the CAT process will improve significantly which is a powerful tool for fundraising for NNGOs.


In order to participate in the NNGO Capacity Assessment exercise, all NNGO member organisations need to follow the following steps.

STEP 1. Read Page 1 to Page 8 of the Capacity Assessment tool Users Guide (

STEP 2. Register and open an account on the online Capacity assessment tool by clicking here [Fill in all the fields in the registration page and click register. You will get a confirmation email]

STEP 3. This is an exercise that requires involvement and participation of all employees of the organisation including board of directors. Select dates for the Organisation self-assessment (OCA) exercise and inform all employees and board of directors [Refer to Appendix 6.1 on the second last page of the User Guide]. Each organisation is free to modify the OCA program as best suites them

STEP 4. Project the questionnaire on the online Capacity assessment tool identify a facilitator among the staff to read each question and staff are encouraged to debate which ranking best describes their institutional capacity and whether there is evidence to prove their selected ranking. Each answer selected will automatically generate a ranking and the ranking will appear on the top of the page so that participants can monitor their sub sectional and overall rankings

STEP 5. Once all fields and questions have been answered, an automatic confirmation will appear on the organisation's account in the CAT and the NGO secretariat will receive this confirmation as well

STEP 6. An auditing/quality assurance firm will be assigned to each participating organisation. The role of the auditor is to verify the rankings captured during the Organisation Self Assessment exercise. The auditing partner will visit individual departments to verify the rankings and ask for evidence to substantiate the ranking. The auditing partner will also be required to visit at least one field site of the organisation and engage with the organisation's beneficiaries The auditing partner is expected to generate a list of recommendations for the organisation at the end of his/her verification exercise.

STEP 7. The Organisation will generate an Organisational capacity Action plan using the recommendations from the auditing partner and their findings of the capacity assessment [Refer to Appendix 6.2 on the last page of the User Guide for a template of an Organisational capacity Action plan]

STEP 8. Send the Organisational Capacity Action Plan to the NGO secretariat to include in fund raising and capacity support initiatives

STEP 9. Join the Capacity development mentorship platform as either a mentor or mentee and benefit from the peer learning support

Visit NNGO Capacity tool