All NGOs (that is: nongovernmental, not-for-profit, non-partisan, non-political and non-proselytising organisation) with a full-time presence in South Sudan, who has appropriate registration with RRC, pays membership fees, and is approved by the NGO Forum Steering Committee and Country Directors group is welcome to become a member. International organisations, businesses, NGOs without a full-time presence in South Sudan, or for-profit NGOs may not apply for membership.

membership requirements and benefits   Apply for NGO Forum Membership  

Membership Form Checklist

Below is a set of questions you will find in the memebrship form.


  • Non-governmental
  • Non-profit
  • Non-political
  • Non-proselytising
  • Humanitarian and Development Assistance actor in South Sudan
  • Full-time presence in South Sudan
  • RRC Registration/Serial Number
  • RRC Certificate Expiry Date
  • RRC Certificate Upload (image format)

MailingList Details

  • Contact name
  • Contact position
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Alternate Contact name
  • Alternate Contact position
  • Alternate Contact email address
  • Alternate Contact phone number

Code of Conducts

  • PSEA Policy and Reporing Lines
  • Codes of Conducts
  • Global Networks

Organization Details

  • Is your organisation applying for membership for the first time
  • National or International NGO? *
  • NGO Name
  • Preferred Acronym
  • Website
  • Short Bio of the Organisation
  • Headquarter Country
  • Year operations began in South Sudan
  • South Sudan headquarters address
  • Office Compound Location in Juba
  • Juba Office Compound GPS Coordinates
  • Juba Residence Compound
  • NGO Vehicle Number
  • Approximate Number of in-country full-time international staff
  • Approximate Number of in-country full-time national staff
  • Approximate Number of Relocatable Staff in Juba
  • Operating budget
  • Does your organisation have a UNHAS account?
  • Invoicing contact
  • Which Primary thematic areas does your organisation work in?

Government Partners

  • Ministries in which you partner with and have a signed MOU
  • Ministries in which you partner with but have no signed MOU