The NGO Secretariat has continued to provide a platform for information exchange, Networking and joint advocacy of INGOs and NNGOs, primarily through joint INGO and NNGO SC meetings.

Throughout the project period, the NGO Secretariat also engaged in a range of activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of South Sudanese civil society organisations.

Due to limited ability of many NNGOs to regularly participate in numerous coordination mechanisms, the Secretariat has been instrumental in providing NNGOs with relevant up to date information for programmatic and strategic decision-making via e-mail communication and through various meetings.

The NGO Secretariat continued to facilitate NNGO coordination by organising regular Steering Committee and monthly NNGO meetings as well as ad-hoc roundtable discussions. The NGO Secretariat also facilitated NNGO representation at the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) level where with two NNGO representatives NNGOs were given the opportunity to bring local perspectives into HCT discussions and influence strategic decision-making at the highest level.