Please visit us at our new office at Concern Worldwide Offices Airport Road, Opposite Ebony International Bank besides the murram road leading to Nile Pet Building


The NGO Forum is an independent coordinating body of currently 101 national and 127 international NGOs that serves and facilitates the work of its members to address the humanitarian and development needs in South Sudan.
All member organisations agree to provide humanitarian and/or development assistance to the South Sudanese people regardless of ethnic background, political affiliation, or religious belief.

The South Sudan NGO Forum Secretariat exists primarily to serve the needs of its members and to act in their interest.
To this end, the NGO Forum pursues five aims:
1) Information Sharing
2) External Engagement
3) Policy
4) NNGO-INGO Coordination
5) Security


All members must be non-governmental, non-political, non-proselytising, be a humanitarian and/or development assistance actorand have a full-time presence in South Sudan.
Prior registration with the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC)is also required.
Observer membership can be facilitated on request.

Registration is done on a yearly basis with new members completing all of the following steps.
1) Completion of the application form.
2) Approval by the Steering Commitee
3) Presentation at the Country Directors meeting followed by membership vote.
Membership fees for NNGOs is a fixed fee of 50USD$ while INGOs are charges on a sliding scale based on their annual operating budget.

What we do


Collection, analysis and sharing of NGO related security information.



Facilitating engagement between NGOs and other humanitarian actors in South Sudan.



Developing policy briefings and identifying focus areas for advocacy that are consistent with the interests of the Forum members.



Enabling South Sudanese National NGO growth and enhancing coordination among National NGOs and between National NGOs and other actors.


INFO Management

Gathering information from, and dissemination to NGOs to support improved collective decision making and evidence-based advocacy.



documents & research papers written or collected by the NGO Forum.

Document Portal

Contact Us


Please note that we do not forward advertisements of services and products to our members. For job adverts please visit the Job Adverts Portal rather than contacting the NGO Forum.

Coordinator - Pius Ojara
[email protected]

National NGO Focal Point - Hafeez Wani
[email protected]

Security Focal Point - Sandy Blyth
[email protected]

Deputy Security Focal Point - Chris Gosney
[email protected]

NNGO Information Officer - Paul Doctor
[email protected]