• Application Procedures
  • Criteria for all Members
  • Membership Fees
  • Rights and Duties of Members
  • Use of Membership Information
  • Discontinuation of Membership
  1. Prospective members must submit a written application in the most recent version of the standard NGO Forum Registration form, which can be obtained online, or from the NGO Forum Secretariat office.
  2. The application must be submitted to the NGO Forum Secretariat Office. ‘The application will be completed/updated annually by each member organisation and should be submitted in electronic copy. The electronic version should be emailed to: [email protected] and/or [email protected]
  3. The application will be vetted by the Secretariat to ensure that it is properly and fully completed and that NGO Forum membership criteria are met. Applicants with incomplete applications will be informed by the Secretariat.
  4. NGOs satisfying the application requirements will be put forward to the respective Steering Committee for review. These will then be passed to the Country Director’s Group of National NGO Forum to be approved by a simple two-thirds (2/3) majority of members in attendance; with a quorum of no less than 20 members.
  5. The decision of acceptance, or rejection, will be communicated in writing to the applicant organisation by the NGO Secretariat.
  6. The accepted NGO will then make payment to the Secretariat of the membership fee according to the attached fee scale. A member, once accepted, has two months in which to make payment before the application expires. All members are expected to make the full membership fee payment. Should an NGO be unable to make the payment they may submit a letter of explanation to the respective Steering Committee detailing the reasons why request a deferment to a specified date, or suggest a payment plan. The Steering Committee retains the right to accept or reject the request.
  1. The Member is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit, non-partisan, non-political and non- proselytizing organisation (NGO), providing humanitarian or development assistance to the South Sudanese, and accepting the NGO Forum Scope of Services updated annually and attached as an appendix of this document. The international NGO member must be registered in the country of origin as NGO (or similar organisation of public interest character).The international NGO member must be registered with the relevant South Sudan authorities concerned with registration of NGOs, that is, the Relief Rehabilitation Commission (RRC).
  2. The Member must have a full-time presence in South Sudan. If the NGO has a full-time presence in South Sudan but not in Juba, this will be noted to facilitate proxy member voting.
  3. Completion of the NGO Forum Registration Form, which includes a description of the NGO, including background, current projects, planned projects, funding sources, statutes of operation, and organisational structure. This is to be updated annually in January at the time of membership renewals and fee payments.
  4. Members must provide documentary evidence of registration with the GRSS – with RRC. If/When required by legal framework under which NGOs report to GRSS that additional reporting requirements to the GRSS will be a prerequisite of membership in the Forum.
  5. Members should pay membership fees, due within the first two months of each calendar year.Members who join the Forum at a midpoint of any calendar year will have the fee prorated to the remaining months of that year.
  6. Prospective member applications will be reviewed by the Steering Committee for approval by the Country Director’s Group or National NGO Forum. The prospective NGO must have a representative attend the appropriate Forum meeting to provide a brief presentation of the applying organisation and answer questions that may arise from the members.
  7. Member organisations are subject to the laws of South Sudan and projects should not contravene the South Sudan Constitution.

NGO Forum membership fees:

  1. Membership fees for NNGOs is a fixed fee of USD 50
  2. Membership fees for INGOs are charges on a sliding scale based on their annual operating budget.

Each member has the right to ask the NGO Forum for advice and assistance in matters concerning relief and development activities and advocacy issues. Members are entitled to the services outlined in the Scope of Services which is reviewed annually by both Steering Committees.

Any member has the right to put forward comments to the NGO Forum on matters concerning activities, development and management of the NGO Forum.

Each member organisation will have one vote in the NGO Forum meetings.

The NGO Secretariat and Steering Committees retain the right to use information submitted through the NGO Forum application process to further the aims of the NGO Forum and its individual members. This may include sharing information with external stakeholders including, but not limited to the GRSS, donors, and the UN within the following parameters:

Information shared without consulting member organisations:

  1. Information will be shared with other stakeholders should the information be aggregate and not related to a specific NGO (i.e. to answer, how many NGOs are in the Forum? How many NGOs are working in food security, etc.);
  2. Information will be shared with other stakeholders as to whether a specific NGO is a member of the Forum;Contact details of Country Directors and NNGO Directors will be considered public and shared with external stakeholders upon request.
  3. Requests for specific details about an NGO and/or their programming, funding, etc. will not be shared without consulting member organisations. Members in the NGO Forum recognise the value of increased transparency and mutual accountability through one networking body as one of the benefits of the NGO Forum.

NGO Forum membership will be discontinued if:

  1. A member organisation ceases operation in South Sudan;
  2. A member organisation has gone four months without paying its membership fee;
  3. A member organisation formally notifies the NGO Forum Secretariat of its intention to withdraw;
  4. A recommendation by the Steering Committee to the INGO Forum or NNGO Forum draws a 2/3 majority vote in agreement that the member’s activities are not in line with the Statutes of Operation or are detrimental to the overall efforts of the NGO Forum or the organisation no longer meets membership criteria.